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Lisa Cintron

Lisa Cintron is a Grief and Spiritual Coach, Medical Intuitive, and Shamanic Energy Healer. She spent the last four decades studying the deep mysteries of nature and the behavior of matter and energy. Her passion for healing the most traumatized individuals has led her to work in areas most fear to tread.

Lisa lost her husband in 2010 and became a widowed single mother with three kids overnight. While working through her grief, she discovered her husband communicating with her using telepathy and various signs, symbols, and methods. The connection soothed her emotional pain and supported her healing. Soon, she was teaching others how to communicate with their loved ones. Her goal is to help widows nurture their gifts so they can strengthen their spirit, connect deeply with their loved ones and bring comfort to their aching hearts.

Lisa holds degrees in Exercise Science and Pre-Med through Chapman University in California and certifications as a Health Coach and Quantum Healer. Lisa continues to practice and study Remote Viewing, Quantum Healing and Shamanic and Natural Medicine. For more information about Lisa her upcoming workshops for widows and current coaching at her website https://WidowsInitiation.com

Irene Ricks

Irene is a Critical Care Nurse, Spiritual, Grief, and Breathwork Coach. She’s spent most of her life seeking truth and in service to others by supporting, guiding, and spiritually counseling patients during their most trying times.

In 2021, Irene found herself experiencing a traumatic event when her husband unexpectedly passed away.

She started working with Lisa as a client to navigate her trauma and grief and help her understand the signs and symbols she was receiving from her husband. Essentially, she received enormous benefits from the support that she decided she would better serve her community as a grief and spiritual coach.

Irene works alongside Lisa, supporting women to navigate their emotional trauma and as a breathwork coach.

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