Healing for Widows Who Want to Be More

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You can reclaim & restore your life

I know it’s hard to believe you can feel better than you do now or get through this pain in one piece, but you can and you will.

When I became a widowed single mother 12 years ago resources were limited. I had to choose between mainstream therapy or counseling. We didn’t have Facebook groups, or local widow clubs.

After several failures with therapists, counselors and support groups I felt worse and hopeless. This is when I decided I’d figure it out myself and poured over hundreds of books and research on death and healing grief. This is what I discovered:

The Five Stages of Grief by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross are bogus and don’t help with healing grief in any way. You can read more about it in my article – Debunking the Five Stages of Grief.

Death has been vilified in our society, leading to unsupportive beliefs about death and grief deep in our psyches. The limiting beliefs are the root causes of most emotional pain around death.


Death and grief is a mystery to most therapists, counselors, and coaches. A widows grief is even more of a mystery. Unless a person has lived this, there is no way they can understand.

So, through trial and error, I created a process that helps widows overcome the most painful experience of their life by addressing aspects of grief that mainstream therapies do not address, aspects such as: Limiting beliefs, life force energy losses, energy blocks caused by entanglements of past traumas with the new traumas. When the root causes of pain is address then other things fall into place. That’s when The Five Virtues of Healing Grief was born.


Are you in the wasteland of widowhood, feeling lost in a fog of confusion?

Do you feel discouraged because you were once strong but now feel fragile and are unsure how to regain your confidence?

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to nurture the Five Fundamental Virtues to Heal Grief so that you can be more confident, be more self-assured and have more clarity and energy to be more in life.

The Five Virtues of Healing Grief is a life-changing comprehensive 3-month journey with one-on-one grief and healing sessions every week,  and support. As a result, you’ll feel stronger, hopeful, and on a path to a brighter future.

  • Discover and transmute limiting beliefs preventing you from moving forward.
  • Heal stress and traumas that cause life force energy leaks that get you stuck in The Depletion Cycle.
  • Have more energy and focus to rebuild your life.

Let’s face your grief and loneliness together, and together we will watch it gradually lose its power over you.


The Virtue of Commitment
The first step of healing is a deep desire and commitment to the process of healing your heart and soul
The Virtue of Self-Love
Committing to nurturing and loving yourself, body, mind, and soul are crucial for healing from grief.
The Virtue of Healing
Committing to being honest about past traumas, and victimizations is crucial for fully healing grief. When we have a death it triggers all previous traumas and they all become entangled into a big mess of victimization. Therefore, my goal is heal not only what you are experiencing now but all past traumas as well.
The Virtue of Transmutation
There are many beliefs about grief, some are healthy, and others hold you in a pattern of pain. Discovering and transmuting the limiting beliefs that cause life force energy loss is essential for healing from grief.
The Virtue of Transformation
There are many beliefs and myths about death. While some support emotional healing, others will hold you in a pattern of lifelong unbearable pain. Our goal is to dig and transmute your limiting beliefs about death, so you can move forward and heal from grief.
The Virtue of Restoration
The Cycle of Depletion will hold you in grief and potentially cause secondary issues that can cause depression, anxiety, and illness. Our goal is to stop the cycle and restore your body, mind, and soul.

What is the Depletion Cycle?

The Depletion Cycle is when you are living life in survival mode. The chronic stress and unhealed traumas cause life force energy to leak which causes more stress; eventually, it becomes a cycle. The loss of life force energy creates fatigue, fogginess, confusion and illness. The Depletion Cycle is difficult to get out of and creates a life of distress, hopelessness and despair.

Life force energy is an essential vital force that sustains all living beings; it’s known in Chinese medicine as Chi, India as Prana, and in scientific communities as Scalar Energy or Tesla Energy. Like oxygen, light (life force energy) is essential to life; it flows through every living being in different forms.

Life force energy is essential for a healthy body, mind and soul. When energy is coupled with attention and intention, it is the power needed for creation and manifestation.

Increasing life force energy in your cells moves your body back into harmony, and provides the energy needed for healing. You’ll feel:


Relief of brain fog, confusion and sadness


Feel more equiped to handle day to day tasks and events


Feel more energy and focus


Feel relief from depression and anxiety


Feel hopeful again with a renewed sense of accomplishment


Feel stronger, wiser and happier

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