Myths about Death and Afterlife Communication

Myths about Death and Afterlife Communication


Seven Myths About Death

and the Afterlife

Decades of conditioning to vilify death have nurtured a pool of poison that destroys the human spirit. If you believe your loved one is buried and becomes dust in the wind, you will feel helpless and hopeless when death knocks at your door. So, here are seven myths about death and afterlife communication to lay to rest.

Myth 1: When a person dies, they cease to exist.

On the contrary, science now proves that we are not our brains or bodies. Instead, our essence resides outside of physicality; the spirit still exists when our body ceases to exist. Secondly, there are millions of after-death communication stories where the deceased are excited to learn they’re still alive and eager to communicate with their family.

Myth 2: A loved one is not available for communication for a year after death.

I’ve seen this multiple times on question boards and groups. It is an excellent example of how human earthly ideas applied to God or the afterlife aren’t relevant. The concept of time is a human construct assigned to measure the flow of change. There is no change in the afterlife because everything exists in the NOW. Therefore, time is not a thing where they are.

Myth 3: You are not a medium, or you’re not gifted so you can’t talk to the dead.

Every person is intuitive. The only difference is some people are more open than others; cultural conditioning, personal experiences, family openness, health, diet, and many other factors can contribute to how much access one has to their intuition. Furthermore, with an understanding of the process, practice and dedication, anyone can acquire strong intuition.

Myth 4: God takes them away into heaven, and they’re not available.

There are thousands of reports of family members dying and frantic that they can’t reach anyone here to tell them they are OK. When they receive validation, they won’t hesitate to communicate often.

Myth 5: Death is always painful.

There are thousands of reports from the afterlife to the contrary. They are happy, peaceful, and excited that their loved ones validate their communication.

Myth 6: After-death communication is evil, or you’re communicating with demons.

Let’s break this idea down and look at it logically. Evil cannot connect to Source/God for the life force energy that sustains life. Therefore, they only survive by stealing low-frequency energy from humans. To do this, they first create situations to stir up hatred, anger, fear, depression, or despair; as a result, when we experience those emotions, our bodies generate enormous amounts of negative energy that swirl around us. Then evil comes along and attaches to live off the energy, like a parasitic tick.

But, 99% of people who experience after-death communication, whether spontaneous, facilitated, or requested, report feeling better, relieved, and at peace; it helps them process grief and brings comfort knowing their loved one is safe and happy. So, the emotions they experience are positive, producing positive energy, not negative, so this wouldn’t serve evil. It will deter them, though.

Myth 7: Can I reach someone who is in hell?

Hell is a hot topic that requires an entire book to debate. Nevertheless, to answer this question, let’s look at it as a state of mind rather than a place.

We die, shed the body, and then transform into pure energy. But, we still have the energy signatures of all of our experiences, which could include killing someone. In this case, during the life review, we experience the killing from the victim’s point of view to learn and transmute the experience. Reports from the deceased who have experienced this are always available to communicate, so they are not in a place of hell the way religions define hell. Instead, they are working on understanding and transmuting the experience for the greater good; when they do, they reach higher levels of awareness in the afterlife.
Now, demons and parasites are entirely different and may dwell in other locations; however, they still have a domain. Therefore, if our frequency is low enough, we can also communicate with them. Hence the reason love is the primary energy while engaging in after-death communication, the lower frequency beings cannot get near the frequency of love.

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