Grief, The Master of Transmutation

Grief comes.
It has a purpose.
It is forceful and bold.
It is the sage of transformation and master of transmutation.

Grief comes in massive tidal waves and demands you trust and surrender while it carries you through torrential waters of pain.

Through loss and massive confusion, grief takes your breath away until you surrender. You cannot control grief while it moves you, changes you, and molds you.

Like death, grief is a fierce teacher until we surrender and embrace the power of its sorrow to heal the deepest of our wounds.

~Lisa Cintron
Author, The Widow’s Initiation

Are you ready?

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Are you ready to heal your grief and reclaim your life?

• Find clarity and purpose.
• Face the future with confidence.
• Build a life that allows you to love and be loved again.

Learn about the 5 Virtues of Healing Grief and how it can speed up recovery and put you on a path of purpose.

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