I came to Lisa for a spiritual and healing session and let me tell you the things she told me were scary as hell. I think that was the only time in my life that I have had no words to even respond about some of what she told me.

I have had spots in my eyes and they were blurry like I was losing my vision, my doctor says it is from my blood pressure. But today I am so well rested. I literally have no spots in my eyes. My eyes are clear.

I have also had difficulty breathing since 2019 when I had three heart attacks. But now I can breath, seriously I am able to take big huge deep breaths.

I also notice chronic pain in my left arm and knees are gone. And I have energy I feel different. Way different.


Lisa is the real deal.  I HIGHLY recommend her!  I was skeptical about the whole woo-woo nature of things initially, but I was dealing with a lingering darkness that I would refer to as my void, a deep darkness in my core that was the source of most of my depression.  After working with Lisa, I am happy and feel good.  So for those who are on the fence, you will not be disappointed with Lisa. I am thrilled to have her as a resource.  She is patient, kind, caring, and authentically cares.  She. Is. Awesome.


Author, The Angry Jackalope

Lisa, I’ve been feeling that I’ve been feeling great, especially with the start of this year. I’m more focused and serious and motivated. For weeks I haven’t wanted or needed any alcohol in any form, like beer or wine. It was like a veil was lifted or a tumor removed.


I was surgically opened 6 times to find the location of internal bleeding and they wanted to go in for the 7th. Lisa saw the bleeding in the lower ileum so I asked the surgeon to please look there.. When I came out of surgery I was told the source of the bleeding was found exactly in the location Lisa said it was! ~ Ileana


I am a registered nurse in Jan of 2021 I felt the pressure to take the vaccine in fear of not wanting to "rock the boat". I soon developed an irregular heart rhythm. I would feel horrible, almost lethargic when out of rhythm. By God's grace, he brought me to Lisa and she showed me what might help along with healing that included help for my other emotional barriers in life!

My heart feels different! I no longer feel lethargic and horrible when out of rhythm! She has made me a BETTER healer and most of all a BETTER nurse because I now connect with each patient on a higher level that was lacking in the past. Thank you Lisa for healing me and providing me the guidance to heal others. ~ Correen


After dealing with cardiomyopathy 10% heart fraction function for 11 yrs, my heart finally failed. Little I knew, I had parasitse eating me up for over a decade affecting my overall health from cancer, multiple bowel obstructions and ultimately heart failure.

By age of 45, I have developed cancer twice, lost a kidney, developed 5 bowel obstructions, and even lost function of my heart.

Lisa had me a regimen to remove the parasites and within a month I gained 15 lbs, regained my balance and had much more energy than I had in years. My eyesight improved too!


My neuropathy in my feet is almost gone I feel amazing more energy than I've ever had! My back shoulder no longer hurts after you got that succubus off my back!


Lisa, I'm doing FABULOUSI've already lost 16 pounds!!”2 weeks later: “ LOST 18 POUNDS. NO DIET NO EXERCISE!