Signs and Symbols from the Afterlife

Signs and symbols are the most common way loved ones in the afterlife communicate with you. Below are common interpretations; however, your loved one may apply a different meaning to a specific symbol.

Apparitions: Seeing a full or partial apparition such as a hand, an outline, orb, or an entire body is rare, but there are reports of this happening.

Astral Travel: Astral travel can feel like a dream if you’re unfamiliar with the subtle differences. For example, deliberately or spontaneously meeting a deceased friend or loved one while dreaming can be a cosmic journey, and you’re actually in the other dimension meeting them.

“I woke up in the middle of the night and was fully awake but had my eyes closed when I was suddenly above Kevin’s bed in the hospital. He flatlined, and nurses prepared him for the shock paddles –I watched the entire event happen when they shocked him and his heart restarted!”.Later that morning, Brenda’s friend called from the hospital to give an update on Kevin’s condition. Unfortunately, he flatlined a couple of hours earlier and had to be shocked with the paddles to revive him. Brenda is still in awe of that experience. ~ Brenda

Birds: Birds are considered messengers from spirit. Different birds offer different types of messages. For example, Red-tail Hawks are messengers from God who fly between heaven and earth.

Doves are particularly significant after death; they bring love, comfort, and peace messages.

Red Cardinals are considered a visit from your loved one and the actual embodiment of the deceased. The visit from a Red Cardinal confirms your beloved is still with you and you’re never alone.

Butterflies: Butterflies are such beautiful messengers. Kids especially love using butterflies to send messages to their parents. The butterfly can represent the transformation your beloved experienced to be free of all pain and suffering.
In some cases, a butterfly will follow a person around or appear more than once. Still, others reported that a butterfly landed on their body and stayed for hours, or the butterfly allowed them to hold it in their hands for long periods.

Sandi was devastated by the loss of her baby at seven months of pregnancy.  After the loss, while home searching her wallet for a receipt, she spotted a beautiful pink butterfly tucked inside. She had never seen the butterfly and her purse was not with her in hospital. She knew it was her baby girl; now, she keeps the butterfly with her to remind her of who she has on the other side.

Car License Plates: Our loved ones can get creative with car license plates; this has become a significant part of my communication with my husband, Jon; one day, I asked my husband to confirm he was responsible for a specific event, the next day a car drove in front of me with plates that said, ‘DATWDBME’ (that would be me).

Clairaudient: Hearing with your internal or external ear. You may hear the voice of your loved one calling your name or hear music or a jingle that was a favorite of your loved one. You may experience a high pitch frequency and ringing in your ears that signal a spirit is in your space.

Clairsentience: Getting a ‘gut feeling’ that an incarnate being is in your presence, experiencing physical sensations such as chills, having a feeling of heaviness or lightness in response to a shift in vibrational density in your energy field, feeling a touch or caress.

Clairvoyant: Clairvoyants may see a vision of the deceased with complete clarity while awake.

Clairaliance and Clairgustance: Experiencing clear smelling and clear tasting together is common. A good example is smelling and tasting the smoke of a cigar simultaneously.

Coins: Another object reported as a sign from a loved one are coins. Coins can be a wink, answer a question, or signify you are treasured. In addition, they can show up as a specific denomination, such as finding dimes every time you step out of your car or appearing in multiples like finding three pennies repeatedly or in particular arrangements. Others have also reported that pennies sometimes fall out of nowhere to land on their heads.

Dragonflies: Dragonflies are synonymous with freedom after death. The message from a dragonfly typically means your loved one is embarking on a spiritual journey and liberation.

Dreams: Dreams are an incredible opportunity for the deceased to visit their loved ones and deliver messages. In the dream state, our conscious mind sleeps; therefore, there isn’t any interference. Secondly, we may travel to other dimensions to meet. Having long discussions is not uncommon in the dream state; we can ask questions and get great information.

There are also instances of our loved one visiting a family member or close friend in the dream state to get a message to us; this would happen if emotions are high and they can’t reach us.

Rob had been unconscious in the hospital for weeks. Unfortunately, his prognosis was not promising, although family and friends clung to hope. Rob and Shane and their families were very close; they gathered together often and traveled together. One night Shane had a dream he’ll never forget –– In my dream, I was having a conversation with Rob, I don’t know where we were, but I was damn happy to see him. I shouted, “dude, you need to get back here,” He said, “don’t worry, man, it’s just a blink. Everyone will be here in a blink.”
Annoyed, I replied, “well, if it’s just a blink, get yourself back here. Your family needs you”!
He then said, “just remember medley and Pirates of the Caribbean.” and left. So that’s it, he left me hanging!”
Rob passed away three days later.

Later, Shane’s grandson visited one morning when he started humming The Pirates of the Caribbean medley! Then a week later, his wife opened an online news report about The Pirates of the Caribbean being closed because it’s broken. But then, weeks later, Shane was taking his family on a planned trip to Disneyland and felt compelled to invite Rob’s wife, Irene, and family. They were all having a good time when they decided to ride the Pirates of the Caribbean; when suddenly Irene had heartbreak in her eyes and said, “the Pirates of the Caribbean was Rob and I’s favorite ride.”

Electronic Manipulation: Pure energy is our loved one’s current state. Energy easily influences energy; hence electronic manipulation is one of the most experienced after-death communication phenomena. For instance, they might flicker the lights, blow out some bulbs, mess with the radio or the TV. These are all indications of their presence.

Experiencing lights flashing, dimming, or turning on and off is a common sign they are present. Computers turn on or play a video or music loudly, TV, appliances, or fire alarms turn on and off; these are all examples of how the deceased will communicate with us by manipulating electronics.

Feathers: This is a common symbolic sign sent by departed loved ones shortly after entering the Spirit realm. Feathers are also synonymous with Angels, a popular saying, “When a feather appears, an angel is near,” because feathers convey a message of freedom, love, and peace.

Human Messengers: Your loved ones can influence people to do or say things to help them convey a message to you. For example, you may be in a grocery store on the day of your late mothers’ birthday to buy her a birthday cake when a store clerk randomly hands you a Calalily; oddly enough, Calalillys is your mother’s favorite flower.

Lucid Dreaming: Lucid dreaming is similar to a vivid dream but different in that you are not fully asleep with a lucid dream. Lucid dreaming is the state in between awake and asleep. Seeing, hearing, or feeling the presence of the dead is not uncommon in this state. You may also experience a touch, hear your name called, feel the presence of weight on your bed.

“I woke up the morning after my step-father died but fell back into a light sleep. I was awake in my dream, but asleep, but I felt completely awake when he appeared!
He walked into my room and was in the most peaceful state I’ve ever seen; he gently grabbed my hand, and I felt an immense love from him. I could feel the warmth and grip of his hand, then my hand slowly slipped out of his, and he was gone. I snapped out of my sleep and realized I must have been dreaming, but It was so real; I felt everything as if I was awake.” ~Chelsea

Music: Music is a favorite because our loved ones can send various messages with lyrics and music.
You may be having a bad day when suddenly you hear the song you danced to at your wedding or a song you often sign together.

Our loved ones will speak to you by playing a song that had meaning for both of you when you were together.

Numbers: Numbers can bring tremendous meaning. Guides and angels often use numbers to send messages. You may receive a number sequence of your loved ones’ birthday, anniversary, or a date of significance that only you would know. Numbers can appear as flight numbers, license plates, billboards, receipts, or phone numbers. The possibilities are endless with numbers, and there are several online databases to search number sequences and their significance.

Physical Manipulation: Experiencing physical items moving from one spot to another can either bring you joy or make you feel like you’re losing your mind. But, again, their innovation and delivery always impress me. For example, they can cause wind chimes to move without wind, or my favorite is when they make balloons follow you. These are all examples of physical manipulation by the deceased.

Smelling a fragrance: There are many reports of smelling the roses, cigars, or a favorite scent of their loved ones.

“My husband loved the men’s version of Obsession cologne, but the version from the 1980s. I can smell it sometimes at night, especially if I wake up in the middle of the night. I know he’s here’s with me when I can smell his favorite cologne.”. ~ Mary

Technology Messaging: Receiving messages via text or a messenger platform is exciting and unsettling, but from my own experience, they can be very clever in their delivery. For example, I received a random text from a stranger on my husband’s birthday in 2015. The text said, ‘this is my favorite song,’ it was a Youtube link, so I clicked on it; surprisingly, it was a favorite song of Jon and me! I replied to the text to ask who sent the message but never received a response, so it’s still a mystery.

Excerpt from The Widow’s Initiation, A Guide for Afterlife Communication ~ Lisa Cintron

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