Are you Tired of How HARD it is to Live Life on Your Terms?

Are you experiencing a chaotic and messy life with no purpose? Or in a cycle self-sabotage or falling into negative patterns? Do you feel hopeless and helpless in finding an answer?

If you answered yes, then you are stuck in what I call The Depletion Cycle!

Signs and Symptoms of The Depletion Cycle


You have unresolved trauma


You often experience fatigue, fogginess, body aches or illness


You often feel unfulfilled, hopeless and helpless


It is difficult for you to manifest your desires


You are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired

What is the Depletion Cycle?

The Depletion Cycle is when you are living life with chronic stress and unhealed traumas that cause leaking and leaching of life force energy it is also a breeding ground for parasitic people to attach to you; this causes more energy loss. The loss of life force energy creates a cycle of fatigue, fogginess, confusion and illness. Then the symptoms cause more energy loss. The Depletion Cycle is difficult to get out of and creates a life of distress, hopelessness and despair.

What is Life Force Energy?

Life force energy is an essential vital force that sustains all living beings; it’s known in Chinese medicine as Chi, India as Prana, and in scientific communities as Scalar Energy or Tesla Energy.

Like oxygen, light (life force energy) is essential to life; it flows through every living being in different forms.

Life force energy, coupled with attention and intention, is the power needed for creation and manifestation. The electromagnetic energy field of our body is a culmination of the energy in every cell. Therefore, as energy flows through us, maintaining coherence is essential for powerful manifestation. Likewise, if we live in chaos and disorder, we are in a disharmonious state that perpetuates a cycle of weakness and dis-ease.

Increasing life force energy in your cells moves your body back into harmony, and provides the energy needed for healing and powerful manifestation.



Reducing immediate stress stops energy leaks


Healing past traumas stops energy leaks and releases locked energy


Shifting limiting beliefs and self-sabotage releases and increases energy


Healing compulsions and phobias stops leaking


Developing skills to indentify parasitic people & limit exposure reduces or stops energy loss


Setting new intentions and learning new skills increases energy

ClearingHealing3 1

“Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.”

~ Albert Einstein

YES! to Transformation

YES! to Transformation, is a powerful program to STOP The Depletion Cycle in its tracks by eliminating past traumas and blocks quickly. Using my  proprietary methods I pioneered a highly effective and comprehensive program to remove blocks and self-sabotage.


“Lisa is the real deal. I HIGHLY recommend her! I was skeptical about the whole woo woo nature of things initially, but I was dealing with a lingering darkness that I would refer to as my void, a deep darkness in my core that was the source of most of my depression. After working with Lisa, I am happy and feel good. She. Is. Awesome!”

~ Rob

Quantum Shifting creates immediate change

“My neuropathy in my feet is almost gone I feel amazing more energy than I’ve ever had! My back shoulder no longer hurts after you got that succubus off my back.”



Experience the happiness, freedom and peace you long for


Feel confident and accomplished


Have more energy and focus


Feel healthier and stronger


Create loving relationships that support you


Create the life you've longed for by manifesting your desires


Create the job or career you want with a level of pay you deserve


Heal and feel at peace about past traumas that have haunted you

How to Get Started


This 15-min discovery call is to determine if  you are ready for this level of transformation coaching and if I am the person to guide you through it. I have to trust that you will do the work needed to reach your goals and you have to trust in my ability and processes to get you there.



During our 15-minute discovery session we will discuss your goals and the level of coaching and healing needed.


Setting goals is essential to track your progress. Once those goals are defined, we work backward to figure out what needs to change, heal and develop to achieve those goals.

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